20 Free Stock Websites For Your Blog

Here are 20 free stock websites you can use to find photos for your blog!
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Stop! Before you download that graphic, let me offer you this warning!

Did you know that even if you’re a small-potatoes blog that you could potentially get sued for using an illegal graphic? Don’t entertain that thought that says, “Something like that could never happen to me”.

Oh, but it could!

Let’s say that no one right now notices your illegal graphic that you found through a Google search. 3-4 years later you’ve totally forgotten all about that post and that graphic, but you get a letter from an attorney suddenly and shockingly reminding you of that one moment of indiscretion.

Maybe it seems like nothing to you. But it does mean something to the author of that photo whose livelihood is selling his work. So, please, please, please be careful about what graphics you use on your blog.

This sort of thing has happened to other bloggers. You can read their stories here and here.

The good news is that there are websites that offer stock-free, royalty-free photos for you to use. Most of them do not require attribution.

Disclaimer: Before you download and use a graphic, always look at the terms of service located on the website to make sure that you are using the photo legally!


There are many more out there, but these are the ones I use the most. I usually take 30 minutes a week to browse these websites for their new material and download what I think I can use. This way I have a rich file of photos to choose from for my blog and social media graphics.

Here are 20 stock-free websites for your blog





Snapwire Snaps


Here are 20 free stock websites you can use to find photos for your blog!

Jay Mantri


ISO Republic



Here are 20 free stock websites you can use to find photos for your blog!

All The Free Stock

Freerange Stock

Life of Pix

Boss Fight


Here are 20 websites that offer stock-free photos for your blog! Click To Tweet


Barn Images

Negative Space


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  1. Thanks for putting this together. We are always on the lookout for free photos to use for graphics for our blog. Those true stories of getting sued over improper (and illegal) use of photos was a real eye-opener and a great incentive to follow copy right laws!

    1. Yes, it opened my eyes. It’s great to have this list all in one place. I refer to it often since all of these used to be favorite tabs. It’s easier for me this way. 🙂 And I was able to provide others with a great resource!

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