60 Blog Ideas {for those who think they’re not writers}

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I have talked to several people over the years who have wanted to start blogging, even wanted to earn an income blogging, but because they didn’t think they were a good writer, felt that it just wasn’t for them.

The fact is that you don’t have to be a writer to blog.

Are you interested in starting a blog, but are being held back by the idea that you're not a writer? Think again! Here are 60 blog ideas for non-writers!

You don’t even have to have a good knowledge of spelling and grammar to write (although that helps), as long as you have Word to help you out.

All you need is a passion about a topic or expertise in a certain field, and you’re already set to start blogging!

This list is just to get your juices flowing, so read through the topic ideas and find a topic that you feel you could start a blog on.

Here are 40 blog ideas for those who think they’re not writers!

1. Mommy blog
2. Recipe blog
3. DIY / Repurpose blog
4. Fashion, Thrift-store fashion, Modest fashion blog5. Marriage blog
6. Thrifty blog
7. Minimalist lifestyle blog
8. Missionary blog
9. Photography blog (share your photography with the world)
10. Crafts blog

11. Politics blog
12. Satire blog
13. Travel blog
14. Marketing / Entrepreneur blog
15. Advice blog – Choose your topic or area of expertise such as….
16. Medical blog
17. Health tips blog
18. Exercise / fitness blog
19. Pregnancy advice blog
20. Photography advice blog

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21. Tax advice blog
22. Legal advice blog
23. Education advice blog
24. Music blog
25. Finance advice blog
26. English grammar blog
27. Foreign language blog
28. Relationship advice blog
29. Psychology blog
30. Pet care blog

31. Gardening advice blog
32. Farming advice blog
33. Book review blog
34. Toy review blog
35. Product review blog
36. Music review blog
37. Movie review blog
38. Tech review and advice blog
39. Restaurant review blog40. Local blog (blog about local restaurants, attractions, deals, etc)

41. Children’s church curriculum for churches
42. Kids crafts and activities
43. Kids music
44. Homeschool blog
45. Homeschool curriculum review
46. Courses / Coaching blog
47. Finance coaching
48. Tax coaching
49. Blog coaching
50. Design courses

51. Doula coaching
52. Life coaching
53. Product blog (sell your crafts and products on your blog)
54. Awareness / Community blog
55. Cancer awareness
56. Diabetes awareness
57. Pregnancy and infant loss awareness
58. Down’s Syndrome awareness
59. Autism awareness
60. Alzheimer’s awareness

So, you see that the ideas are endless!

If you are intimidated by the process of setting up and launching your blog, you don’t need to be!

I’m right here to help you out!

I have a 9-week course on how to start and launch a blog! And starting today you can get in on my fall discount of 20%!!

No you have no excuses not to start blogging today!!

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