The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course


How to Participate in a Linky Party

Have you heard of linky parties or blog hops? In this lesson I explain what they are, why they work to grow traffic, and how to participate in one.

Why Facebook Shares Work

Have you ever considered sharing your content on another Facebook page? This isn’t bad thing to do, in fact, it’s welcomed by many Facebook page owners.

How to Create a Printable

Does the idea of making a free printable freak you out? It’s rather simple, actually. Join me as I make a free printable for myself to use on my blog

Announce Your Blog

You’re announcing your blog today!! It’s not time to coast yet. Here are things you’ll need to do this week to give it 110%!


We’ve come to the end of the course. Where do you go from here? We’ll talk about that today, as I offer you a free gift from me!

Make a Header

The header is what people see very first when they open your blog. Here’s how to make a pretty header.