Faith-Based Facebook Pages That Allow Shares

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Did you know that you can share your content on other Facebook pages?

While it may seem unethical to some, it is actually something welcomed by some Facebook page owners.

Are you looking for Facebook pages with whom you can share your excellent content? Here is a list of super-large pages that allow daily shares.

In fact, if you’re sharing top-notch, useful content, there is a chance your post will be featured by them to their followers. And it only takes on large Facebook page to share a post of yours for it to go viral.

The pages below are ones that I have posted to for several months. They are tried-and-true, and have even featured one of my client’s posts. – 2.6 Million
God Fruits – 1.9 Million
The Bible People – 3.3 Million
Jesus Daily – 27.7 Million
Biblword – 2.2 Million
The Bible – 800 K
The Lord is My Shepherd – 1.2 Million
I Am a Christian – 1.5 Million – 70 K
Holy Bible Book – 3.7 Million

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    1. I take it case by case. If I see that there are people regularly posting to the page, I assume that it is permissible to do so. If I only see a stray post here or there I’ll email and ask permission. But just to clarify, these are not posts to their wall. Your posts will go to their sidebar as a visitor post.

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