How I Became a Professional Blogger

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I remember the first time I told someone that I am a professional blogger.

It was a weird feeling, I wont lie.  Until then I’d always said I was a “writer”.

Have you considered becoming a professional blogger? Here is my story about how I became a professional blogger and began making a trackable income!

Being a writer and being a blogger are two very different things. Not only do they require two very different types of writing, being a blogger requires that you

  • Write
  • Edit
  • Promote
  • Market
  • Design
  • and so much more.

But I wasn’t always a professional blogger.

I blogged for over 5 years (well, for over ten years if you count the fact that I “blogged” on Internet forums and social media platforms long before I opened a blog), before I began to actively make blogging a business.

And blogging truly is a business as much as it is a ministry for me.

I am not ashamed to say so. Much as speaking and writing is a ministry as well as a business for many popular Christian writers, blogging both gives me an opportunity to spread the Word of God and encourage women and it helps provide for my family.

I’ll never forget when I realized that I really could made an income blogging. I opened up Pinterest for perhaps the first time in weeks, and staring back at me was this pin:

How My Blogging Brought My Husband Home Full-time

I had to read that post!! That 8-word title summed up what I had been dreaming of: to start making serious strides to monetize my personal blog.

I didn’t even know how to do that beyond the Adsense ads I had put up the year before…and then took down because they didn’t seem to be making me any money…..and put back up because…well…it was kind of fun to watch the pennies roll in every other day.

I had a very specific reason for wanting to monetize my blog.

I want my husband to come home, too!

My husband is a shift worker. He works all three shifts, rotating each week; many times 6-7 days a week. He has been known to work nearly 30 days with no day off.

Worst of all, he doesn’t even really like his job.  So not only do the shifts and lack of adequate time off put an enormous strain on our family, it isn’t even a sacrifice we make because of something he really believes in.

To make it all even more difficult, he is only able to attend church 1-2 times a month.

We know this isn’t God’s best for him.

I began reading and studying ways to monetize. Slowly I began trying out different things: using social media to advertise products, writing and creating products to both increase traffic and generate sales.

Building traffic was a big hurdle.

Up to that point my husband was skeptical at best; as I think a lot of people are when one speaks of “professional blogging” or and internet business.

And for good reason.

There are a lot of unscrupulous marketers out there who try to sell you on the idea of making thousands each week by only working a few hours a day.

But as the money starting trickling in, he began to look at my “blogging hobby” in a whole new way.

Then I received my first virtual assistance job. Suddenly my income went way up and so did my husband’s respect for my business.

With each new dollar came a new idea for how I could make an even greater income with my blog.

And that’s when I heard the words from my husband I’ll never forget: “Keep blogging. Even if it takes you 4-5 years to start making money, it will be worth it.”

It hasn’t taken 4-5 years, it’s only taken 2 years and today I am officially launching the Christian Blogger Community website as a home for the Google + and Facebook communities that already exist.

This wasn’t anywhere on my radar 2 years ago, just as creating courses wasn’t even something I considered.

But here I am.

If you’d like to learn how to blog, feel like you have holes in your understanding of blogging or learn to grow your blog, consider taking The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course to learn how to start a blog and grow your readership.

You will receive 27 video lessons and a 20-page workbook.



8 thoughts on “How I Became a Professional Blogger

  1. As a missionary, I’ve often toyed with the idea of becoming a professional blogger as a way of providing support for our ministry to French-speaking countries. I started a blog for children’s ministry (in French) 2 years ago without having much of a clue & certainly without the goal of making a living from blogging! To become a pro blogger like you I definitely need much more training, so this course would be a great blessing. Thanks for sharing all you’ve learnt along the way with those of us who are just starting.

    1. Denise, I am a missionary, too. So nice to meet you! I love what you’re doing with your blog!! What a wonderful resource!! I am running a discount on the course now. Stop by and read our most current post for more information!

  2. After many years of hobby blogging (and several years of… Not blogging at all), I have started one that I would like to monetize eventually. I liked the aspect of always having to learn something about everything. I also wanted to do it right and have a little place where I can write about the things I believe should be put out there.

    1. That is great! Starting slow is crucial. I love having to constantly learn something new, too. It keeps it interesting.

  3. Oh boy does this come at a good time. But then why am I surprised? His timing is always perfect. I felt God nudge me to write and so I eventually started a faith-based blog. That was a little under a year ago. I had no intentions of monotizeing until recently. The company I work for was sold. There is a high potential I will not have a job in the next three months. Perhaps He was preparing a way for me. So…monetizing here I come!

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