How to Successfully Sell a Product Online

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4 Weeks to Sell Your First Product Online is an excellent course for those who are just starting to get their business blog off the ground!
 I call her the “Idea Guru”. I am seriously not kidding!
A mere 1-hour Skype call with Sunu and you honestly believe you can take on the whole world. She is one of the most inspiring people I know.
Sunu is offering a ecourse on how to take your God-given strengths and talents and put them to use to create a marketable product that will bring glory to Him.

4 Weeks to Sell Your Product Online

Now, I have already gone through this eCourse.

I found the course to be challenging, informative, and yet easy. It did not go over my head at all. I was able to understand the information she presented, and yet it challenged me to think beyond what I feel I am capable of doing.Which is what Sunu is really good at.

She is an excellent teacher, she takes you step-by-step in sequential order of how you ought approach launching a marketable product.

Sunu expertly takes through the process of what the vision for your product should be, how to create it, how to sell it, and how to launch it.
 You get:
4 Video Modules
A Workbook
Assignments with each module
Video Transcripts
And oh – it’s for a lifetime. Pay once, watch as many times as you want!
 In each module she identifies the pros and cons, problems and solutions.
The amazing thing is that she is practically giving it away right now!
It is a pay what you want eCourse
Yea, you read that right! You pay what you are able to pay.

She really has a passion to mobilize people to creating quality products to sell online. And she doesn’t want anyone to miss out on this fabulous eCourse she has developed.
You seriously cannot afford to pass this up.

Are you thinking of launching a product online? Perhaps even a free product to help generate traffic, a product to sell as a way to begin earning some extra money online?

Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity with Sunu and Clothed in Scarlet!


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