Meet Rosilind

Are you a new blogger trying to get your blog off the ground?

Maybe you’ve been around for a while, but it seems your blog is going nowhere, or you feel that there are parts of blogging you don’t seem to understand.

I understand your struggle!

Hi, I am Rosilind and I’m a missionary living in the country in Croatia with my husband and two boys. Jesus is my passion and blogging is my ministry. After 6 years of blogging I decided I wanted to pass on what I’ve learned to other new bloggers, and thus Christian Blogger Community was born.

In 2014 and 2015 I began a blogging series on my personal blog A Little R & R. It started out as a series on how to earn money from your blog and branched off into weekly blogging tips.

I now offer these posts as an email series. You can sign up to receive them here:

In 2016 I offered my first blogging course called The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course, a comprehensive 9-week video course on the basics of blogging and blog growth and promotion.

The Christian Blogger Community is over 1,000 members strong and located on Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Twitter! You can join us by visiting this page!

Here at Christian Blogger Community, you’ll find a community of other Christian bloggers, as well as blogging tips, resources and courses at a reasonable price to you!