The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course – Discount!

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Get a $15 discount on The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course today! Click and find out how!

Are you a new blogger?

Maybe you’re thinking about starting a blog and down exactly know where to start.

About three months ago I began planning The Ultimate Beginner Blogger course, and 9 weeks ago a group of 9 women joined me as the beta group for this course.

Over the past 9 weeks I have tweaked the course, tossed those things I didn’t feel were very useful, added content that I felt would be very useful…

and the result is an amazing video course you can gain access to right here at Christian Blogger Community!

In the Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course you receive 27 lessons that begin with the foundation of blogging and slowly moves through how to set up social media, how to increase your traffic, and finally how to launch your blog or a product.

The feedback from this first group has been extremely positive.

And I really, really, really want to get it into the hands of new and beginner bloggers!

Which is why I have decided to offer a summer discount on this course!

By subscribing to my newsletter, you will receive a coupon code that will not only give you a $15 discount off of the course, you can share that coupon with 1 (one) friend who will also receive that discount!

Get a $15 discount on The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course today! Click and find out how!

With this course you receive:

  • 27 video lessons
  • A 20-page workbook
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask me questions and receive blogging advice
  • Lifetime access to this course

I don’t know of anyone who is giving out discounts like this!

It is a 2-fer!

One a discount for you and a friend!

Get a $15 discount on The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course today! Click and find out how!

So what are you waiting for!

Sign up now and receive a special summer discount code to take this course at a rock-bottom price!

And then invite a friend to join you at that very same price!



2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Beginner Blogger Course – Discount!

  1. Good Morning!

    I have been subscribed to your newsletter for quite some time under the email address: I also subscribed under a new email address:, and I have yet to receive the coupon code for the $15 discount on the Ultimate Beginner Blogger course.

    Can you please send that to me as soon as possible? I would like to get going on this awesome course.


    1. Michelle, I am so sorry that you didn’t receive the email. I sent you an email today. I hope that helps you. Please let me know if you do not receive it.

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