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If you’ve followed me as a person – Rosilind Jukic from A Little R & R – you know that I’ve blogged a lot about blogging.

Actually, this is something I see a lot of bloggers do.

Mommy bloggers. Faith bloggers. Frugal bloggers. Ect.

Why I Started Christian Blogger Community

They blog and learn about blogging; grow their audience and social media, and then use their blogs to share about what they’ve learned.

But there’s a problem with this.

I blogged for at least a year and a half about blogging and ran a linky party on my blog for over two years; and yet one thing kept creeping up in the back of my mind:

What about my readers who are not bloggers?

A Little R & R is a Bible study / women’s blog. A significant portion of my audience doesn’t blog and isn’t particularly interested in blogging.

They come to my blog to read my awesome tips on Bible studies and how the Bible applies to their everyday life.

When I suddenly slap them with “5 Things Iā€™m Doing on Pinterest to Boost My Blog Traffic“, they are suddenly like, “Wait! What??”

What’s worse is when someone sees a link to my consistently viral pin “6 Amazing Prayers to Make Your Whole House a War Room” and click over to my blog….then click on “Home” to see what other amazing stuff I’ve written on prayer and find the newest post is “A Little R & R Wednesdays”….they are confused.

And I potentially lose a reader.

This is why I’ve created Christian Blogger Community, because as much as I love writing about the Bible and Bible studies (and wow, I never run out of stuff to say), I also really love writing about blogging.

They are both passions.

But they both need their own home.

This is why I have chosen to cancel A Little R & R’s linky party and start one here!

CBC Linky Party

Every Wednesday you can stop by here and link up your amazing content and connect with other awesome bloggers!

You can also find out ways to grow your blog, social media tips, and more.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Why Christian Blogger Community

  1. Hi Rosalind,
    This is really amazing!
    I could very well relate to your thoughts.
    And sometimes I find really confused in between the two option!
    But, as a believer, I am sure one need to give more attention to the things of God and His Word. Sure you can count me in too!
    Thanks for starting such a valuable community.
    Keep sharing. yes.
    Let us share our blessings the God has given to us!
    Let us not withhold it for our own benefits!
    May you all have a blessed time of sharing and caring via this community,
    Our prayers.
    Best Regards
    Stay Blessed
    ~ Phil

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